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I’m working on Amy Butler’s layered skirt. Instead of using one of her (gorgeous) fabrics, I’m using a blue-grey calico I found at Crafty Planet. It has a very soft, old fashioned look I think will go nicely with the skirt’s frayed edges.

So, I’m sitting at the dining room table sewing, and I look up and realize I have a visitor. A very skittish, visitor who usually won’t come very close to me unless I’m going to feed her.


That’s Pippi, our kitten. She’s nearly ten months old, but she’s still a kitten to us. She and her mom came to us last fall. Her mom (who’s also part of the family now) was a stray in the neighborhood. It took us a while to find where her kittens were, so Pippi lived her first seven or so weeks without any human contact. She’s very affectionate with the other cats, especially her mommy, but she’s a bit more timid around Kurtis and I.

She’s awfully curious, though. So if I start doing something unusual, she’s likely to come check it out.


I was very flattered by the attention. It’s unusual to have close-range Pippi time. When I was a kid, I used to hang around my mom while she was sewing. I liked the rhythm of the sewing machine, the soft light and the fabric chugging under the needle. It would make me very sleepy, too.



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Lightbox Tester

After reading a few tutorials from folks who’ve done this before, I decided to make a lightbox to better photograph some of my stuff. (And I should probably finish some stuff so I have something to photograph, too). I went to Target and bought the clear storage box, tag board, and a couple clip lights. Minnie was more than happy to model for me.

Uh oh. We have a visitor.

Or perhaps Bertie would like to my production assistant.

Or better yet, my model. I’m going to need a bigger plastic tub.

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