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November is “National Novel Writing Month”, or NaNoWriMo.  I don’t have a novel in me write now (someday!) but I do have a bunch of craft projects.  Therefore, I’m declaring it “AngCraProMo”.  Angela’s Craft Project Month.

AngCraProMo will have a slightly different ethic than NaNoWriMo.  With the writing exercise, the point is to just get writing.  Quantity over quality.  Basically it’s just a chance to exercise your writing muscle and make a habit of writing.

With crafting, it’s not as easy to go back and edit, or pick up the good stuff like you can do with writing.  Once you’ve cut a piece of fabric, you’ve made an irrevocable change.

I’m setting a goal that I know I can reach while also doing quality work.  It will still be a lot more than I’ve gotten done in the past few months, and it will mean finishing some projects I’ve felt really guilty about not finishing.  Why is it that something I enjoy doing can make me feel guilty?

Here are my goals:

1. Recover the hubby’s office chair.  It’s been stripped and sitting in my sewing room for a couple months now.  We’ve been using a hard dining room chair at the computer.

Here’s the “before” picture of the chair:
chair to be recovered

2. Finish the Pippi and Lucy scrapbook I started six months ago.

3. Design and finish our Christmas cards.  I have a neat idea for these and it will involve learning a new technique.  I’m excited.

I don’t know how much blogging I’ll be doing about these projects.  The chair won’t make for very interesting writing, though I may document the steps in a tutorial.  I’ll try to take some pictures of the scrapbook, but it’s mainly decorated text, and my photography skills aren’t all that fabulous.  Lastly, I don’t want to spoil the surprise of the Christmas card for my friends who read this blog.

Happy crafting, everyone.


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