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A while back I learned that introverts tend to get daunted by big projects because they think the whole thing through, and realize what they’re in for, where extroverts just jump into a project without looking.

I’m an introvert. I think things through a bit too much, to the point where even small projects seem like they could be long and arduous.

I needed to make some sort of container for a thank you present for a friend, and I wanted it to be cute. Maybe part of my hesitation for starting was that I knew the finished product would never match up to her kindness, but I had to try, right?

Thing was, it wasn’t that hard!

I decided to make the package look like a purse. It was just a matter of folding and gluing. What was so hard about that? I only needed to measure a few things to make sure the sides were even.

I seamed two pieces of Amy Butler paper together at the bottom of the purse:
Paper Purse Bottom

then accordion folded two smaller pieces, matching the height of the purse, taped them in place with that super-strong double sided tape (the kind that comes with a red backing. I love that stuff.) I added a little folded piece of paper at the bottom to keep the contents of the purse from sliding out.

Inside of paper purse

Added a paper flower to the front flap, clipped the corners with a curvy punch, and added a magnet closure under the flower. Ta-da!

Paper Purse Angle

It was really that easy. No fussing, not a lot of measuring, just about 1/2 an hour’s work. Done. And cute, if I may say so!


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