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Oh, Look!!

I finished something!

Lucy Tries Out the Chair

A year ago I told my husband that I’d reupholster his worn-out old office chair. “Really?” He asked. “You can do that sort of thing?” He knows I can sew, he just didn’t think that reupholstery was in my repertoire.

“Sure,” I said. “It’s easy.”

That was before I took a good look at how the chair was constructed. Instead of having removable parts the new fabric could be attached to, like this, his chair was attached by means of a plastic band that snapped under slots on the back and bottom of the chair. The band had been sewn directly to the fabric on the original chair, but I assumed I could sew the fabric around the plastic band (since there was no way my machine would sew through rigid plastic), and then snap it in place.

I bought the fabric in April. Kurtis even accompanied me to the fabric store. He picked out fabric that looked just like the old fabric. (It’s possible he liked the chair as it was). I did some gardening in the summer and let the sewing slide, but by August I figured I should get started on the chair, so I took it out to the deck one day and stripped all the fabric and foam off.

“Don’t worry,” I told Kurtis as I put a hard dining room chair in front of the computer. “I should have this done in a couple weeks.”

Um. Well, you know how that went.

In November, I made it a goal to finish the chair. Then I made the same goal in December, too. I gave myself January off of fretting about it, and in February began in earnest, cutting and sewing the cover for the back cushion.

I spent one trying to attach the back piece, complete with a beautifully sewn channel for that plastic band, into the chair frame. I used all my bad words, all my favorite swear phrases, and I made up some new ones. Kurtis offered his hands (and his favorite swear words) and we tried to wrestle the band into the slot. We’d get one side in place, and another would pop out. It just wasn’t working.

I considered setting the whole mess in the alley for the garbage collectors, but I’d spent enough time and money that I wanted to see this thing through. I talked through some possibilities with Kurtis, and finally settled on a envelope-style covering for the back cushion, and velcro straps for the bottom ones.

After a few more weeks of procrastination, it’s DONE! I feel free. This is one of those projects that made me feel so guilty for not working on it, not to mention that the chair was haunting my sewing/dressing room and making the place look messy.

(Or maybe the fact that I have stuff sitting all over the place makes the room look messy).

Here’s a back view, showing the envelope style attachment for the top cushion. I love the funky seventies-style circles.


I forgot the before picture! Here it is. Ahh, it’s so much better now.

chair to be recovered


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