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Little Boxes

When I was a kid, I loved little boxes. I never had much to put in them, but I still liked having them. Now that I do lots of crafting, I have lots of little things to organize, and I wish I still had all those little boxes. (What happened to them?)

I was at The Scrapbook Shop of St. Paul a couple weeks back and found this darling little white paperboard jewelry box. It has storage on top with tiny compartments, and two drawers with more little compartments. Often when I look at craft supplies – like papers or fabric or plain boxes, I think, “I could do something with that.” But then I get stuck at, “What should I do with that?” This time, though, I knew. I saw the box and had a gingham-y, picnic-y vision.

I spent two nights painting test versions in a sketch pad, until I finally came up with a design that mimicked gingham, rick-rack, and simple embroidered flowers.

Painted Box, Top

The sides are polka-dotted, and the drawers trimmed with cardinal-colored “stitches”.

Painted Box, Front

One more project done!

Okay, so this one wasn’t exactly sitting in my “to do” pile for very long, but I’m actually pretty proud of that, too!


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A while back I learned that introverts tend to get daunted by big projects because they think the whole thing through, and realize what they’re in for, where extroverts just jump into a project without looking.

I’m an introvert. I think things through a bit too much, to the point where even small projects seem like they could be long and arduous.

I needed to make some sort of container for a thank you present for a friend, and I wanted it to be cute. Maybe part of my hesitation for starting was that I knew the finished product would never match up to her kindness, but I had to try, right?

Thing was, it wasn’t that hard!

I decided to make the package look like a purse. It was just a matter of folding and gluing. What was so hard about that? I only needed to measure a few things to make sure the sides were even.

I seamed two pieces of Amy Butler paper together at the bottom of the purse:
Paper Purse Bottom

then accordion folded two smaller pieces, matching the height of the purse, taped them in place with that super-strong double sided tape (the kind that comes with a red backing. I love that stuff.) I added a little folded piece of paper at the bottom to keep the contents of the purse from sliding out.

Inside of paper purse

Added a paper flower to the front flap, clipped the corners with a curvy punch, and added a magnet closure under the flower. Ta-da!

Paper Purse Angle

It was really that easy. No fussing, not a lot of measuring, just about 1/2 an hour’s work. Done. And cute, if I may say so!

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