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We’ve done a lot of work in the yard over the past couple weeks

Strawberry plants

First, I planted strawberries (divided from a generous coworker’s garden) in the hot, sunny strip on the south side of the house. That spot gets unfiltered sun all day long, and so far the only things that I’ve gotten to grow there have been portulaca and tomatoes. This year I decided to try filling the space with perennials. My initial idea was to let the birds and bunnies feast on the strawberries, but now that I’ve been watering and weeding them, I’m feeling a little less generous.

Evans Bali Cherry Tree

Then things got a lot more expensive. We have a tiny yard, and most of it is unshaded. A local gardener suggested planting a couple trees, so after some research, I decided on a couple small, ornamental trees. The cherry tree below is hardy enough to last during our harsh winters. It was an easy choice.

cherry blossoms

It was blossoming when we planted it. I’ve always wanted a flowering tree in my yard. It’s so pretty I can hardly believe it’s real.

Tinkerbelle Lilac tree My other tree choice was a bit more impetuous. Where the cherry tree comes by her beauty and strength through generations of Minnesotan ancestors, the Tinkerbell Lilac tree has science to thank for her tall stature. The photo on the tree card caught my eye – the blossoms are an incredibly vibrant dark pink. The fact that she’s rather a Frankenstien didn’t bother me at first, I was dumbstruck by the thought of pink lilac blossoms.

The dear tree is actually a tinkerbell lilac bush grafted on to the trunk of a Japanese Lilac tree. I worry about how she’ll fare in high winds; she’s very top-heavy. I tethered her loosely this weekend, in hopes it would allow her to withstand the spring storms we’re bound to get.

Hen and chicksLastly, remember the succulents I bought that snowy day in April? They are planted and thriving. Now I’m waiting for a few more blooms, and a couple more sunny days for planting


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