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When I was a kid, my dad was retired and he kept a huge garden. I always helped. I had a few rows of carrots and radishes and lettuce to tend, as well as some flowers. Going into a nursery always reminds me of my dad. I love the smell of dirt and green and fertilizer, and all the plastic pots with tender little buds stretching out. I remember looking over the seed packets with him to pick out the carrots I’d grow, and getting his advice on which flowers would be the best for our garden.

Today is the season opening for Malmborg’s, our local garden center. All week I’ve been planning what I’ll buy. I started clearing out a rock garden in our back yard that’s been neglected for years. I planted two of them last year, and my husband asked me why I didn’t do the third. I looked at the space he was referring to; it was so overgrown I didn’t even realize it had also once been a rock garden.

When I woke up this morning, there was a “crumb crust” of snow on the ground. You know that first layer of frosting you do, where some of the crumbs still show? The green grass was poking through the crust of snow just like that.

It was windy and still snowing when I went to the nursery, but everyone there was in good spirits. The flowers might have been a little cold, though.


Usually the store has lemonade for customers on their opening weekend, but today they had coffee and hot tea. It was very welcome after a chilly scene like this one.


I found a table full of succulents that looked really pretty when I brushed the snow away. I picked up six of them. Let’s hope it warms up quickly so I can plant them. I have big, big plans for our tiny yard this year. I’m hoping for a few weeks of mild weather before it gets too hot and humid to go outside. Stay tuned.


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