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A Pile of Scrapbooks


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One of the biggest mess-causers in my craft stash is scrapbooks and all the stuff for them. The point of a scrapbook is to contain all of this stuff, right? Not for it to sit in magazine files and cute tin buckets and various piles on my shelves. But there it is, mostly unsorted and definitely not in books.

I’ve had a problem figuring out what I want a scrapbook to be. When I was in high school, the only scrapbooks I could find were these oversized, spiral-bound, construction paper numbers I bought at the local drugstore. I used scotch tape and rubber cement to paste in clippings from magazines. I should drag one of them up and photograph it, though I’m sure it would be embarrassing. They’re all pictures of Madonna and Sting and PeeWee Herman, and some mementos from birthday parties and movie tickets and stuff.

After college I found some archival quality scrapbooks in black. I started buying origami paper to use as accents to the reviews of concerts I’d gone to (Juliana Hatfield, Matthew Sweet, the Jayhawks).

Then came Archivers and all the “memory” type stores and wow, things got a little weird, didn’t they? All of a sudden it became about the paper and the ribbon and the doo-dads. And boy, that stuff is cute, no? I have a hard time resisting it. And a harder time figuring out how to fit my pictures and mementos with the spectacular papers I’d bought.

I did a few pages with a little bit of text and a couple pictures and a lot of pretty papers. It took me a while to figure out that the papers needed to be less prominent. I felt like I was featuring them, not my stuff. Silly.

I really like the idea of making a scrapbook part journal. That top book there, the green one, is going to feature our two newest cats, and how they joined the family. It’s a long story (complete with rabies shots!) and has a great ending, as well some some extraordinarily cute kitty pictures.

The striped book is going to be our honeymoon album — lots of pictures, museum tickets, and silly stories.

The pink album is from the months leading up to our wedding and, amazingly, that one’s almost done. I just need to finish up the page about my dress and my hubby’s vest and bow-tie (I made all of them).

I can’t remember why I bought that black album on the bottom, but I have lots of concert tickets and movie stubs and pictures to go in it, so I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

There. Some plans. Some projects to finish. Meanwhile, I have a couple gifty things in the works, so I’ll post pics of them soon. Progress!


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